Polska Grupa CNC - USA


Polska Grupa CNC - USA

Long-term goals are more important than short-term gains.

Polska Grupa CNC - USA . We are a company specializing in the production of routers, operating both on the Polish and foreign markets. We started our business as a company with several employees, now we employ over 80 people. Our goal is to introduce modern technologies to the market of CNC machines, enabling the optimization of production for manufacturers operating in many industries. The gained experience and knowledge of the company's founder and co-workers allowed us to develop an international enterprise. We have already installed over 1,000 machines in 15 countries. One of the stages of the company's development was the introduction of new products to the market of CNC machines - plasma cutters and fibre lasers.

The machines offered by Polska Grupa CNC are manufactured by selected specialists focused particularly on quality, precision, innovative construction and safety. We have our own technical facilities, enabling the production of machines from scratch, which allows them to be adapted to individual customer needs.


Address:   57-14 59th St, Queens, NY 11378, USA

Email:  Jozef@pgcnc-usa.com